About Us

With 93 years of combined experience, our stylists start each day with the goal of making everyone who walks through our door feel more beautiful and confidently themselves when they leave. Creating a safe, open, and comfortable environment for you to sit down, relax, and possibly leave with a couple fun new stories and friends. We are also an eco-friendly salon, making sure all our products are recyclable and do no damage to our planet.

Planning your wedding? We love creating hair and makeup visions for the big day. Reach out to us at sisubridal@gmail.com ~ we would love to work with you! 

Learn more about our lovely team of stylists below.

Our Team

Jenni Lowe | Sisu Beauty & Company

Jenni Lowe

Co-Owner / Hair Artist


Jessi Wassgren | Sisu Beauty & Company

Jessi Wassgren

Co-Owner / Hair Artist


Bill Haire | Sisu Beauty & Company

Bill Haire

Hair Artist


Corinn Runquist | Sisu Beauty & Company

Corinn Runquist

Hair Artist


Chelsea Pipek | Sisu Beauty & Company

Chelsea Pipek

Hair Artist


Ava Maki

Ava Maki

Hair Artist


Julie Lowe | Sisu Beauty & Company

Julie Lowe

Salon Coordinator

Kate Dowe | Sisu Beauty & Company

Kate Dow

Salon Coordinator

Community Support

Our community has helped us more than we can express, and we love to pay it forward! We are long-time supporters of First Witness by being a Premier sponsor and hosting their events. In addition, we support our community by being members of the Rotary in Duluth. We get excited being involved with fundraisers so let us know of any potential good we can bring to our neighbors. 

Sisu Beauty + Co


Let’s chat! Let us know of any questions you may have. We look forward to talking with you.

Sisu Beauty + Co

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Duluth, MN
H: Tue–Fri, 8am–7pm